Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I see a cheerleader that is registered for the Princess division but has on her instagram account videos of her throwing level 5 skills.  Shouldn´t she be in the World´s division?

A:  What division an athlete chooses to enter is at their discretion.  While we would hope that everyone would compete at their exact level, we know that some will choose to compete down.  Also, maybe that video was the one time they hit that level 5 skill and they do not have it mastered enough to compete it.  The level team they compete on also does not decide their individual skill level.    However, to discourage athletes from competing below their level, we offer 4 titles in each age division in the World´s category and only 1 in the Princess and Dutchess.  Also Princess and Dutchess title winners must move up to the next level the following year.  For example:  Perfect Dutchess Cheerleader - Mini must compete in the Princess division or World´s the next year.
However, there is not a limit as to how many times an athlete can win a title in the World´s division.